Friday, October 5, 2018

Group Picture, Fall 2018

Rain forced Team Sydlik inside for our biannual pictures, so we decided to make it fun with a tribute to Prof Biscuit and Big Bunny! Perhaps the students will let me wait for a sunny day next time ;)

They made me take the picture inside, I made them all have bunny ears. Seems fair!

Left to Right: Stefanie Sydlik (Professor), Stephen Schmidt (GS1, Chem), Anne Arnold (GS5, Chem), Zoe Wright (GS5, Chem)Karoline Eckhart (GS2, Chem), Brian Holt (Research Scientist)Wyatt Swift-Ramirez (senior BS/MS, Chem), Avanti Pandit (junior BS/MS, Chem), Francesca Starvaggi (junior, Chem), Sasha Kennedy (junior, Chem)

We also took a serious one.

But Prof Biscuit disapproves...

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