Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Zoe Wright

Today you get to meet another member of the Sydlik group, 3rd year chemistry graduate student Zoe Wright!

Zoe is a third year grad student who makes biologically active acrylate monomers, to be used as tissue adhesives that encourage wound healing. Zoe also works with peptides, polythiophenes, and graphene to make biomaterials for rebuilding bone, heart, and cartilage tissue. Zoe went to undergrad at the University of Maryland, College Park where she got dual degrees in chemistry and studio art. At UMD, Zoe studied platinum catalyst/ ligand design and synthesis under the direction of Dr. Andrei Vedernikov. (And for her art thesis, Zoe used her chemistry background to “dissect” manufactured materials like inks and plastics, as a way of exploring ideas about entropy and molecular interactions.) Zoe really likes plants and seeing the sun, so when she’s not working on making things, she’s usually gardening or riding her bike.

2014 -  Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D. candidate (chemistry, biomaterials)
2010 - 2014  University of Maryland, College Park
BS, Chemistry (organometallic synthesis)
Research advisor: Prof. Andrei Vedernikov
BA, Studio Art (printmaking, sculpture)
Thesis advisor: Prof. Justin Strom

Teaching experience (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jan - May 2017  Modern Organic Chemistry II
Sept - Dec 2016  Modern Organic Chemistry I
Jan - May 2016  Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis
Oct - Dec 2015  The Science and Mathematics of Art
Sept - Dec 2015  Bioorganic Chemistry: Peptides, Proteins, and Combinatorial Chemistry
Jan - May 2015  Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis
Sept - Dec 2014  Atoms, Molecules, and Chemical Change

2016 - 2018  ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Scholar
2013 - 2014  Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship
2010 - 2014  Senatorial Scholarship from Senator James N. Robey
2010 - 2012 Dean’s Scholarship

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