Friday, November 9, 2018

Welcome Stephen!

Team Sydlik is excited to celebrate a new addition this week! Stephen Schmidt is a first year chemistry PhD student from Montana. (Like Prof Sydlik's PhD advisor, Tim Swager!) We are very excited to have him. Stephen will be working on new functionalization methods for degradable, cell instructive functional graphene materials.

We made a deal... they let me take their picture if I agreed to finally update the website 😂🙌

Prof Sydlik's Favorite Chocolate Cake (Another promise in return for the picture)

1.75c flour
0.5c cocoa powder
1c brown sugar
2t baking powder
1/4t baking soda
1/2T almond extract
1/2c pumpkin puree
1c almond milk (may need to add more or less depending on your flour. Cake batter should be thicker than normal cake though-- Kinda like a hybrid between cake & brownie batter)

Makes a 9" cake. Bake 30 minutes at 350F (or until a fork comes out clean).

Toping with a simple buttercream icing from powdered sugar, almond milk, vanilla, and earth balance butter is 👌

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