Friday, September 15, 2017

Group Picture, Fall 2017

Presenting Team Sydlik, Fall 2017 Edition! There was a puddle by our usual sign, so we had to improvise. It was nice out & we were wearing enough blue & green that we couldn't pass up a picture day.

Sydlik Group, Fall 2017

Left to Right: Caoxin Tang (senior, Chem), Jenny Gao (senior, Chem), Anne Arnold (GS4, Chem), Zoe Wright (GS4, Chem),  Stefanie Sydlik (Professor)Brian Holt (postdoc)Karoline Eckhart (GS1, Chem), Dan Siroky (GS3, Chem), Stephanie Kuang (junior, Chem) Missing: Alex Moy (senior, MSE), Wyatt Swift-Ramirez (junior, Chem)

How epic of us, right?

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