Sunday, May 14, 2017

Group Picture, Spring 2017

It was time for a new group picture! Welcome springtime weather!

Sydlik Group, Spring 2017

Left to Right: Dan Siroky (GS2, Chem), Anne Arnold (GS3, Chem), Brian Holt (postdoc), Wyatt Swift-Ramirez (sophomore, Chem), Caoxin Tang (junior, Chem),  Gauav Begur (junior, BME/ MSE), Zoe Wright (GS3, Chem), Jenny Gao (junior, Chem), Will Koshut (senior, Chem)Val Senavsky (junior, Chem), Stefanie Sydlik (Professor)

#SydlikGroupSelfie in the elevator. They are very nice to humor me!

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