Thursday, February 9, 2017

New graduate lab class!

This semester Prof Sydlik has been hard at work with grad student TA Annie and undergraduate TA Will developing and running a new graduate level polymer lab class. During the semester, the students will learn about the chemical basis for the mechanical properties of polymers, as well as the laboratory skills necessary to carry out research in the area. The class is designed to combine hands on lab work with lectures and group projects to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. Interest in the pilot version of this class was very high: 17 students are learning about the principles of polymer design and mechanical properties! The class recruited an exciting mix of undergraduates, masters, and PhD students from the departments of chemistry, material science, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering. So far the students have synthesized polymers using air-free Schlenk technique. We will keep you updated on our discoveries as the semester progresses!

Undergrads & grad students, chemists & engineers. What a great class!

Learning the joys of air-free synthesis and column chromatography. Always a party in the Sydlik lab, see the balloon?!

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