Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Graphene Oxide as a Scaffold for Bone Regeneration

Today, the Sydlik Group's first paper, "Graphene Oxide as a Scaffold for Bone Regeneration" appeared online in WIRES Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology. The article is a review of literature investigating and discussing the potential of graphene oxide as a biomaterial for bone regeneration. With extensive research, we found that as long as care is taken to control the biocompatibility of the material, graphene oxide holds great potential due to its autodegradability and ease of chemical modification. We are actively working to transform graphene oxide into a degradable, cell instructive scaffold so this paper lays important groundwork for our continued investigations! You can read more here:

Copyright WIRES Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology, from Zoe Wright and the Sydlik Group

The spot where we got the acceptance email for this paper. I was riding my bike over a mountain pass in Colorado :)

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