Friday, May 20, 2016

World Biomaterials Conference

On Tuesday May 17, 2016 members of the Sydlik Group traveled to Montreal to present at the 2016 World Biomaterials Conference! Annie and Brian gave excellent talks and Prof Sydlik and Zoe gave posters. We had a great time and heard a lot of inspiring science.

Sydlik Group with the Biomaterials Moose. We certainly clean up well!

Brian, Zoe, and Annie were coerced to pile into Prof Sydlik's Subaru to make the 10 hour drive to Montreal. To pass the time, we listened to the audiobook of Jurassic Park. Nothing like being trapped with your advisor in a confined space!

Prof. Sydlik presents a poster on our osteomimetic graphene scaffolds for bone regeneration
Moose calls to signify the start of symposia were a highlight of the conference!

Montreal is very pretty

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